Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - Hair Gone Wild!

I had what you might call a wacky day today. Hence the reason for this blog being posted near midnight. But my crazy day is not what I'm going to post about.

I oftentimes get a kick out of what people decide to do with their hair. So here we have some very wacky hairstyles....

(Oh, and by the way, pay close attention if you're considering changing your hairstyle anytime soon. There are some GREAT ideas here!)

Since this child appears to be under 2 years of age, can we assume that someone intentionally did this to their child?

Same for this guy. Either that, or I'm guessing he's in lots of trouble!

My guess? She fell asleep inside a dryer.

By the looks of this photo, I'm gonna go ahead and say this picture is indeed a fake. However, the point remains - someone actually took the time to design this hairstyle.

This girl looks old enough to do her own hair. But perhaps she should attend beauty school...just in case.

Hey, are those my missing paper towel rolls??

I'm pretty sure they edited out the rake behind his hair.

The guy on the left appears to have missed the memo.

Think you have long hair? Think again!

In case you're wondering what you would do with all that hair, here's a pretty sweet idea! And yes, that is all hair. Gross, I know.


Anonymous said...

how do you brush/comb hair that is 18 to 20 feet long? seriously i really would like to know

FLUUD7 said...

Well, from the looks of it, that last guy hasn't figured that out either.