Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, it's been a while, eh? After several weeks of slow going, we're back to our regular 3-4 day per week homeschooling schedule. I've taken a break from our favorite (and only) phonics book for a little while and we've just been doing a lot of random reading around the house. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite books that our kids enjoy reading from.....

While this set is called "Baby's First ______", it's obvious that babies don't read. Rather, a baby would identify the pictures on the pages. But the reason I really like these books is that the pictures are good for babies, but the text is great for early reading. We have five of these, although there are several more in the series (and one was missing for the pictures). The other day, Keaton sat down with me and read through every word in all five books. I am so proud of him!

So, first up....SOUNDS. The thing I appreciate the most about this book is the fact that some sounds are not actually real words (like "zzzzz" for sleeping), which forces kids to actually read the words and not just say what they see in the picture (which my daughter prefers to do).


Next we have.....COLORS. Pretty self-explanatory, I think.



WORDS. Really specific title, I know. I think this is what happens when an author wants to put a bunch of random things together that have no connecting theme whatsoever.



And finally, Reagan's favorite....the purple book. I mean, SNOOZE. As you may have guessed, this book includes all things bedtime-y.


But the reason it's her favorite has little to do with the subject matter.


That's right! It's a flip book!


And...the red book is called TOYS. And it's missing. Most likely carried off my our youngest child. 

Anyway....I bought these books at Borders in the kids clearance section last year, so I have no idea if they are still around. But they do also sell them on Amazon (though the price is about triple what I paid).

Now that we've conquered all the words in these books....


we're onto these....


Will keep you posted. :)