Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday - CVS Diapers on Clearance!

I typically do a few CVS shopping trips on the weekend since I am out. This weekend I picked up some things from both weeks' sales and then found that there were several packages of diapers on clearance. (Note: "were" - I completely bought them all. Typically I don't do that but seeing as they were all size 2 and that's what size my daughter is in, I did wipe them out this time.)

I don't have time to go into details right now, but here is a combination of two trips. Total OOP: Less than $5. And technically not even OOP since I have a CVS gift card right now.

*Big cheesy grin*

Okay, here it is:

Sorry about the blur. Anyway, exciting huh? :) I did have to wipe out some ECB to get the diapers but it was WELL worth it. I still have $4 left, so it will be a slow work up to where I started (around $30), but isn't that what this CVSing thing is all about? Making money so the stuff you need is free? Yep!

How have your CVS trips been lately??

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