Monday, May 26, 2008

Money Monday – Do Hospital Bills Stimulate the Economy?

I sure hope hospital bills count toward stimulating the economy, because that’s where half our stimulus check is going. :) Our original plan was to put it all toward our debt snowball and pay off a big chunk of what’s remaining on our auto loan. We were so excited to be paying off more than 1/3 of what was left! But after last week’s hospital experience, I’m glad I didn’t send all our stimulus check money to the bank to pay on our auto loan. I did send in a good portion of it, but we should have enough left to cover our hospital bills.

I know most people plan to do great things with large amounts of money (refund checks, stimulus checks, inheritances, etc.), but sometimes once we get our hands on it, things seem to go a bit differently.

So what about you?? What did you plan to spend your stimulus check on?? And, if you’ve gotten yours back, what did you actually spend it on??


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

We actually bought a privacy fence with it.

mollyfrog said...

We're planning on moving to a bigger place when we get our stimulus rebate. We're one of the unlucky people who have to wait to get it because of the way we filed, but actually I think its a blessing in disguise. We weren't planning on moving until the end of July, so we might have spent that money before we we moved. We live in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment, and we'd like to move to a decent sized house, with a yard.

Tina said...

We were planning on enjoying some of the money because we don't usually get to splurge on things we want. But now, some of it is going toward some unexpected bills that have come up. We are going to use a portion of it for a new bed for our 3 year old. Unfortunately, we are also having to wait unitl July for ours to be mailed because of the way we filed as mollyfrog mentioned.

The Fords said...

Ours is going to the hospital too!! We figured part of it would since we were having a baby, but since he spent 4 weeks in NICU - all of it is going to wind up in the hands of the medical world, lol.