Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thankful Thursday - A Moment Of Beauty

Something happened to me today. I listened to the voice of God. I know that makes me sound like I'm usually running from it or something like that, but here's the story....

We didn't leave playgroup until close to 2pm this afternoon. Nap time officially starts at 1pm in our house, so that was an obvious accident. Since I knew my kids would fall asleep in the van, I decided to stop and get some gas and then run through the drive-thru at the bank on the way home.

Our van is never silent. It's not the kids or me. It's music. I love music. If the radio isn't on, there's a cd in the player. And if a cd isn't in the player, I'm singing. Music overcomes my life sometimes and today it was trying to do just that.

As I drove home from the bank, with the kids sleeping in the back, I heard a still small voice (yes, over the music) that said to me, "Be still". I reluctantly turned down the music. " still," I distinctly heard. Okay, okay. I turned the music off. What happened next was a beautiful piece of my life.

In the 5 minutes following, I had one of the most wonderful moments with the Lord that I've ever had. We connected in the stillness and He spoke to me in a way I don't experienced very often. I prayed, I confessed, I cried, and I praised God.

As I turned the corner onto our street, I noticed both of my kids stirring in the backseat. Within seconds, I heard "Mommy...." and at that moment I knew that if I had not been still - if I had not turned the music off - I would have missed a most beautiful time with God.

I am so thankful for what the Lord is teaching me, doing in my life, and doing in the lives of those around me.

What has God been teaching you lately??


Angela said...

I have been reading your blog lately. I saw you on CafeMom and really read your blog for the Money saving tips, etc. We are beginning our journey with getting out of debt and I have really enjoyed your tips and enthusiasm. I have also learned alot about CVS and had a great shop today! But this last post was so beautiful and so what I needed to hear today! I am 8 months pregnant and have a 15 month old. He has been very whiney and cranky lately and I have been too! I am having to make some changes in our schedule and I thank you for bringing up the most important thing I need in my schedule. Even if it is just for those few minutes, God is there to sit with us and be still! He speaks - we just have to be listening! Thanks for always speaking the truth and being bold in your blog! God will bless you for your willingness to speak out to many that you don't even know! I am hoping to get a blog started! I want to call it "Striving for Submission!" You have been a blessing and encouragement to me in the past few weeks! God Bless you! Angela Adams (

Melissa said...

Those "still" moments are the best. Just being humble and broken before God...there is nothing like it. I love hearing about what God is doing in other people's lives.