Friday, May 2, 2008


I feel like I keep changing up my theme days, but I always think of it this way: If I don't like them, does that mean other people find them boring too?

I recently decided not to be so dogmatic about what themes were on what days and just let myself have more freedom (and therefore more FUN) with my blog.

For the first few months, I did Fitness Fridays. Then last week, I did Fun Friday. I know of other blogs that do Frugal Friday, but I hate to be a copycat! :)

Friendly Fridays would make me feel like I should be a co-host of a PBS show.
Furious Fridays seem a little out-rage-ous. (Ok, seriously bad pun - sorry).
Fuzzy Fridays might be appropriate....that is, if I actually liked animals.
Focused Fridays sound like an awful lot of work.
Funky Fridays would require too much tie-dye.
Fabulous Fridays seem...well...I don't know, I guess I kind of like that one.

I mean, I don't mind rotating, but...what do I rotate around??

Anyone have any 'F' ideas for me??


Anonymous said...

You said it yourself, you're going for more "F"reedom with your themes. How about Freedom Friday - and then you have the freedom to post anything that you want! :-)

FLUUD7 said...

ANONYMOUS: Hmm, I kind of like that idea. :)

Anonymous said...

forgetful fridays; im sure you could mention things you would like to forget that happened during the week! ok i like freedom fridays but was going for options here; lol plus i ahve had a rough day!