Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Often Do You Clean Your Toilet?

I always find it intriguing to learn about other people's cleaning habits and schedules.

I've added a new post on the top right side of the screen. Please vote so I can learn if my toilets are cleaner or dirtier than yours! :)

Also, feel free to leave me a comment sharing how you do your household cleaning. Do you have a schedule? Do you clean when things look dirty? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

i clean the inside every day; the outside oh once a month?? i need to get better about the outside (down at the bottom etc; but its just not fun!)

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I clean the inside and outside once a week. I will wipe it down more than once a week if I see that it needs it. I blogged here about my cleaning schedule -

Anonymous said...

kee hee hee. you're funny! well, stranger things interest me.
I clean every Friday by golly, whether it needs it or not. In addition to the daily cleanup, the Friday cleanup is everything in one fell swoop.

jane said...

I need a better cleaning schedule - it all gets done somehow, but it's pretty random/inconsistent right now.

With 3 little boys using it, the toilet gets done very often. Although I am determined that once they are old enough to safely handle toilet bowl cleaner, that job is ALL THEIRS!!!!

MotherHen said...

I wipe & use the brush (no cleaner)everyday. I use cleaner on the whole toilet every week. Here's my cleaning schedule:
Morning Chores (Make bed, Empty dishwasher & put dirty breakfast dishes in dishwasher, take out meat to thaw for dinner, Straighten house, Shower & get dressed then wipe out the bathroom sinks & clean toilet (since I'm in there already).
Evening Chores (Vacuum house, Feed the dogs, Make dinner, Do dinner dishes & Take out the garbage)
Before Bed Chores (Straighten house, Change clothes, Wash face & brush teeth & Lock up house).
Weekly: Home Blessing (done on Fridays) - Swiffer dust, Vacuum, Mop, Clean glass in doors & on tables, Wipe of appliances and countertops, Take all trash out.
I do a more detail cleaning once every 3 months. I got this scheduling from which has helped me tremendously!! Hope this helps you out. Come check out my blog sometime

FLUUD7 said...

MOTHERHEN: I love Flylady!

Tina said...

I thoroughly clean on Saturday, top to bottom. But we try our best to pick up things on a daily basis and clean as we mess up. We rinse and put dishes in the dishwasher right after we use them instead of sitting in the sink. Then all I have to do is start the dishwasher when full. So then I don't have to spend all day Saturday cleaning.

Tina said...

Oh yeah, my husband does the outside, usually every two weeks.