Thursday, May 29, 2008

Extremely Cheap Makeup!

Nordstrom is buying ELF (Eyes, Lips & Face make-up line). So ELF must sell all of its products with its current logo. Nearly everything in the store is $1 (with the exclusion of cosmetic bags, gift sets, etc).

And here's the real kicker! If you enter ' CAROLINA' as the coupon code, you'll save an additional 50% off your purchase up to $15!

If your make-up supply is running low, now is the time to buy!

Go to the E.L.F. website and stock up before it's all gone!

Thanks to Crystal over at for letting me know that this is not actually true. Nordstrom's is NOT buying E.L.F. and the makeup is always $1. However, according to a friend of mine, the code is actually working. So still a decent deal - just not as great as I thought it was. :)

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