Friday, May 16, 2008

Foto Friday - It's Official!

I can just imagine how many of you awaken each Friday morning and immediately rush to your computer to see what fun concoction of Friday-ness I have posted for the day! Well, okay...if you're a regular reader, you wouldn't do that because you would know that I rarely post anything before noon. But that would, of course, be the only reason not to rush to your computer to check. :)

I've decided I am going to make it official. Foto Friday! Yes, I do know how to spell the word "photo", but you know me...everything has to start with the same letter as the day. Anyway, here's how it's going to work....

Each Friday, I will post my favorite picture from the past week. I currently foresee myself posting primarily pictures that I have taken, but I will not forbid myself from posting a funny or interesting photo that I might come across here on the world wide web.

If you would like to participate, you are more than welcome to do so on your own blog! You may copy the "Foto Friday" picture at the top of this blog (or any future Foto Friday blog) if you'd like and post it in your blog along with your favorite picture from the past week. If you want to, you're welcome to leave a comment in my Foto Friday blog linking to your Foto Friday blog. Make sense?

Hope so. Alright, I'll get us started. My favorite picture from this week was taken yesterday morning during playgroup. My two year-old daughter insisted that I take her shoes off and let her play barefoot in the wood chips. I told her that she wouldn't like it and that I would show her. So I took her shoes off and put her down. She ran off and played another hour. Somehow, amazingly, she got no slivers.

You're next!

**Regardless of the fact that I have "officialized" Foto Friday, I still reserve the right to change Foto Friday to any other theme at any given time.**

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Military Crunchy Mama said...

Sounds like fun! I missed this week but I'll try to remember next week!