Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thankful Thursday - A Successful Shoot!

I don't know if I've talked much about my aspiration to be a photographer, but it is indeed one of my dreams. In addition to the fact that I love photography, it just seems like it would work so perfectly with my schedule. I could set up appointments for the evenings or weekends and it wouldn't interrupt my ability to be a SAHM.

Anyway, yesterday I did my very first photo shoot with some friends who are expecting their first baby in a few weeks. It was so much fun! I completely tore apart our bedroom to set up my makeshift "studio" and then the sun decided to go away. But regardless, the pictures came out pretty well!

I'm so thankful that we were able to find a time to do pictures before the little one arrives! I'm also thankful that all 8 of my batteries did not die on me at the same time (as they oftentimes do)! (Yes, I know...we need new batteries).

Unfortunately, my camera looks NOTHING like that camera up there. In fact, my camera is here. If you just clicked that link, you're probably laughing at the idea that I would even consider doing photography with something like that! Nevertheless, I thought the pictures turned out rather well. And as soon as we are out of debt, I'm definitely going to invest in something a bit nicer. Okay, a lot nicer. :)

And just for fun, here are a few photos from our shoot yesterday....

So today, I'm thankful that my first photo shoot wasn't a complete flop!

What are you thankful for??


Melissa said...

The pics are great!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

loved the pics :)

jane said...

Great pics! :-)

FLUUD7 said...

Thanks! I had so much fun!