Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tasty Tuesday - Salad For a Week!

I have posted before about some of the things I send with my hubby for his lunch. Most weeks I do send him a different meal each day, but some weeks I just send him one large meal to eat over several days. This week, I did that for Wednesday through Friday. We had a head of lettuce that needed to get used up, so can you guess what he got? A big bowl of salad, of course!

Since my husband doesn't mind eating just salad for lunch (as long as it's a hearty portion), I try to make sure it's well balanced. This salad has ham, cheese, carrots, tomato, green onion, and green pepper on it! I sent him with a bottle of ranch and a bag of croƻtons, so he would be set through Friday!

I'm always open to new ideas! What kinds of food do you take to work or send with your spouse??


Anonymous said...

When college is in session, we're blessed - part of dh's compensation is a meal plan in the dining hall. In the summer, though, he's on his own. It's been a big adjustment to get him away from eating out every day (which he did last summer and the cost over 4 months was outrageous!).

Add to the challenge that he doesn't want anything he needs to eat with utensils. Yes, I think he's just being difficult on this one, but what I can do? I've been buying panini, flatbread, and sub sandwiches (Healthy Choice, Deli Creations, etc.) because he's taken a liking to them. With coupons (and sometimes combined with sales), the price isn't too bad.

daisygirl said...

So far in Derin's two weeks of employment he has (upon his own pref.) had a ham and cheese sandwich each and every day. I would like to change this up, but quite frankly, I need ideas! He needs something hearty and meaty, ideally something that doesn't need to be heated, and more ideally is the remnants (i.e. sandwich baggies) can be tossed at the end of lunch hour. Makes it kind of difficult and def. narrows it to sandwiches. He likes ham, otherwise he likes club sandwiches so I thought of getting ham, turkey, and roast beef and freezing them in 1/3 package portions so I could do a week of club sandwiches and the unused portion would be frozen and still good. I'm up for suggestions.

Erin said...

Many times I'm able to make enough dinner so that there is leftovers (enough for 1 person). My husband will take the leftovers to work for lunch.