Monday, August 3, 2009

Soon, Very Soon

Well technically it could be up to 8 weeks away, but I'm shooting for 4, okay? :)

Soon this new baby will enter the world. And although I've done this hospital bag thing what seems like a million times before (although really, only three), I feel completely unprepared this time around. So on that note...I'd love to know what you all found absolutely indispensable while at the hospital before/during/after giving birth.

I know a few things that I haven't brought in the past but plan to bring this time are:

1. SOFT TOILET PAPER. (What are those hospital people thinking when they put that scratchy stuff in the labor and delivery rooms?!?!?) My personal favorite is Charmin Ultra Soft. It will be my best friend.

2. Lots of snacks. Because, yes, I cheat while I'm in labor and eat. (Just don't tell the nurses.) And also because meals just don't seem to come around often enough. Plus, my sweet supportive husband needs something to eat too! Especially while he's coaching me.

3. My laptop. The only reason I haven't brought this in the past is because I never had one before. But this time I do. And hopefully there will be no problems w/ the internet connection so I will have plenty of things to read/write about/pursue while waiting for my release.

4. My camera. DUH.

Alright, you have any must-have recommendations?


Leigh said...

Make sure to pack socks/slippers, bathrobe, nursing bra/pads, chapstick, toiletry items, extra clothes, sleepwear (who wants to sleep in hospital gowns?), maybe a book. That is all I can think of at the moment. I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant so I have a few months to think about this.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Comfy clothes to wear instead of the hospital gown. I never brought these until my third for some reason. I can't think of anything else right now.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to have your baby at St. Francis South, the internet connection is great. I brought my laptop too. The usuals your own shampoo and conditioner, jammies\ comfy clothes, I totaly agree the hospital gowns are gross. I almost made my own bought the fabric, had the pattern, but when it came time I was too tired with the other munchkins to do it before week 37 and then I fell and was induced before week 38 when I swore I was going to make it. Plenty of your own drinks of choice. The nurses can take forever to get a drink to you. I had my hubby bring me a case of the mini cranberry juice bottles, well 2 cases. BABY NAIL CLIPPERS! They can't clip a baby's nails so bring your own, with this past baby I finally remembered. Some how newbies seem to have nails likerazor blades and scrathc the heck out of themselves. I am sure you know that though lol. BTW. Mindy says if i have anymore kids she is going to call me Heidi. :-) Good luck with L&D!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heidi for the post, I am going to write down the suggestions since I am a couple weeks behind you. J and I were having this conversation the other day. How time flies.

Miney said...

Grippy (I think some people might call them "non-skid") socks. I love them. The ones they give you are huge and don't fit to your feet at all.

Sarah said...

I know you don't wear contacts, but it seems like I ALWAYS forget my contact solution! For some odd reason the hospital does not keep it on hand. One time a nurse opened a bag of saline and gave me some plastic cups for my contacts. It's a good thing I didn't forget they were in a cup in the morning and try to drink them!