Monday, August 24, 2009


We made it through Saturday! We had quite the - eh hem - ambitious to-do list, but we actually made very good progress on everything! My "kankles" at the end of the day were living proof that I was on my feet way too much that day. But I'll spare you a picture of that.

The weather this weekend was PERFECT. It was amazingly cool (I'm talkin' like 70s - yes, in August!!) and balmy with a bit of rain. But it worked out great for our indoor projects.

My husband's main project on Saturday was making three twin platform beds for our children. I was way too lazy to get my camera out while he was actually making them and totally forgot to get pictures before we put the mattresses on top, but you can see the type of beds he made here. These beds are VERY sturdy and were pretty easy to make. Or so I hear. :) We custom fit the height of the beds so we could store some specific things under them in order to free up some space in our closets.

My main project was making curtains for both of the kids' bedrooms. I made living room curtains last week, but these curtains were a bit more complex. I added a liner to each panel since we wanted our kids' bedrooms to be as dark as possible. And the girls' curtains were made of two different fabrics on the front also. Considering I'm not a very experienced seamstress, these two sets of curtains took me most of the day. I also made the decorative pillows on the kids' beds and have plans to make bed skirts once my matching fabric arrives at Joann.

I wanted to make a crib set, but since we don't know the gender of our soon-to-be-born babe, that'll have to wait until after the little one arrives.

Ok, ready for some pictures?

I thought so.

Alright, first up are our lovely new living room curtains. I realize they don't look spectacular as is, but I still haven't gotten around to making the tie-backs for them. Just picture it in your head, if you don't mind. (These are currently hanging in our bedroom until my husband has time to build a curtain rod for the living room.)

Living Room Curtain

Next is Keaton's bedroom:

Keaton Room 1

His room doubles as our guest room when my parents come down
to visit, so....hence, the futon.

Keaton Room 2

A (blurry) close-up of his curtains...which are pretty basic...

Keaton Curtain

The girls' bedroom:

Girls Room 1

Girls Room 2

Their curtains (my masterpiece)...

Girls Curtain

And there you have it, folks! Our PROJECT DAY in picture form!

As I said before, I still have bed skirts on my list of things to make as well as a few throw pillows for the futon in Keaton's bedroom (which will take a matter of minutes), and I'm trying to finish up some fabric wreaths for the wall in the girls' room.

The comforters and stackable crates are from Walmart. I plan to do a full post later on how we pulled off these room makeovers on a budget, so stay tuned for that.

Oh! And I guess I shouldn't forget to mention that our kids were SOOOOO excited about their new rooms. It was pretty hilarious. They ran around from bed to bed, climbing on each one and squealing with delight. We were glad they liked them.

Alright, so now that you've seen our weekend in complete details....what did you all do this weekend?

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Sarah said...

wow, you guys have been busy! I like your masterpiece. good job!