Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Waiting

My husband told me yesterday that it would be easier for me if I would just pretend the baby was not coming for several weeks. That way I wouldn't be living in a constant state of anxious anticipation.

I told him that it would be a lot easier to do that if I wasn't contracting all the time and if three times a day I thought I could be in labor due to their frequency and intensity.

I've shared with several people that the whole thing makes me a little bit nervous. As I mentioned the other day, when I was in labor with Reagan, even after my water had been broken, I didn't have any painful contractions until it was time to push. If that would happen again this time around....well, I don't know that I would even be at the hospital in time. (Do you see why I really want my water to break?)

I feel kind of like a blubbering fool lately when I post here on my blog. All I can really find to talk about is this impending birth. But all of you mothers know that once you're to this stage in the game, it pretty much consumes your thoughts. And by the way, if any of you want to call my husband and let him know that this is normal, that'd be great!

This weekend while I was just waiting, we managed to get quite a few things done. Which is good, because you know how people always say that the baby won't come until you have everything ready. Well, either that or it'll come before you have anything ready. But whatever. That second one is obviously not the case for me, so we don't even need to go there.

So our productivity list from the weekend looks like this:

-Went on a date w/ my hubby (thanks, Angel!)

-Played outside with the kids

-Made kitchen curtains

-FINALLY bought a new infant car seat (our old one was expired) and stroller

-Worked in the garage and hung lots of stuff from the ceiling (My husband's car might actually fit in again now that we're temporarily done with all our woodworking projects!)

-Cleaned out our master closet

-Put together the pack n play w/ bassinet

-Cleaned off changing table (being used as shelving) and prepared it for baby

-Got hubby's and baby's stuff ready for hospital (just need to get my own stuff ready!)

-Got baby stuff (swing, bouncer, playmat, etc.) out of the attic and set up

-Organized some business stuff in my office

-Made 7 sets of nursing pads (more on that later....)

Everything is pretty much ready. We have approximately 30 boxes waiting to go out w/ the trash tomorrow evening (although I'm not sure if they'll take all of that), and our garage is looking pretty great. The car seat is in the van, the baby's newborn "room" is almost complete (still lacking the nursing chair), my midwife is back to work, and this mommy is R.E.A.D.Y.!

So now....I'm just waiting....

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Miney said...

Where's my daily fix? :)

Anyway, hope you're doing well. Maybe you haven't written because you're off having a baby. That'd be fantastic news.