Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure

I'm pretty sure I absolutely positively MUST have set a personal record yesterday. I mentioned yesterday morning that my to-do list was 24 items long. However, as the day progressed, it seemed to magically grow. It's amazing how to-do lists do that sort of thing. Anyway, at the end of the day when all was said and done, I had completed - are you ready for this?? - twenty-five out of twenty-seven things on my list.

res To-Do List

I know. I'm pretty proud too.

I'm also pretty sure that the (almost) completion of my ridiculously long to-do list is also the reason that I had ankles the size of softballs last night.

And I'm pretty sure it's the explanation for how I was able to eat three times my body weight in chocolate chip cookies over the past 24 hours.

And I'm pretty sure it explains why all I've done today is...well...nothing.

On an entirely separate note...I'm in the process of writing a birth plan for my labor and delivery this time around. You'd think I would have one sitting around from my previous birth experiences, but as it turns out...I've never actually made one before.

I did some research online and talked with a few of my friends and I think I sort of understand what I want to incorporate into it. I want to be detailed, but I don't want it to be so long that nobody will bother reading it.

Have any of you written a birth plan? And if so, were your wishes followed?

I could really use some help in this department.


Sarah said...

"I'm pretty sure" you didn't mark "shower" off your to do list. :) I've never written a birth plan either. Maybe I'll follow your example and write one.

Anonymous said...

YES! EPIDURAL....and it was given to me as soon as I could get it. Same plan for this baby....EPIDURAL!
My plan is very short and to the point. LOL! U will do great.

Amie said...

Epidural was the game plan for the first one. I could have never anticipated what was to follow, lol. This will be my third c-section.

Leigh said...

I guess with the birth plan it's pretty much what you want. Epidural no epidural? I.V. or no I.V's? Do you want to walk around while laboring, sit on a birthing ball, eat or drink while laboring? No unnecessary monitoring? Just number down and make a list to what YOU want and what you expect.