Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Bizarre, Really

The whole nesting thing is such an odd reality. And it's definitely a reality. Don't even try to fight it, because if you do....well....just don't. It won't work anyway.

Nesting hits everyone a little differently. Some people can't clean out enough nooks and crannies in their home. Some people can't stop organizing. Some people can't get enough of cleaning their refrigerator. I've been hit with lots of different kinds of nesting over the spread of my four pregnancies, but this's sewing.

I can't stop coming up with sewing projects. I have on my list this week:

1. Make living room curtains
2. Make bedroom curtains for my son's room and my daughters' room.
3. Make bedskirts for all three kids' beds.
4. Finish cloth book.
5. Make fabric wreaths for girls' room. (Kind of a sewing project....but not really.)
6. Make decorative pillows?
7. Make nursing pads.

And that's just until I think of something else.

Yes, some days I go crazy and clean the kitchen 3 times. Some days I very thoroughly vacuum the stairs. But today, in addition to my laundry and vacuuming and sweeping and toilet cleaning and cooking and trying to pretend it's not still five whole weeks until my baby is due....I'll be sewing. :)

And don't worry, I'll keep you posted on my projects with pictures and fun details and all that jazz.

Happy Monday!

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The Hillebrands said...

I'm terribly excited for your curtains!! I've been wanting to make some for my house at some point. If you get enough nesting energy and run out of sewing projects for you, you can just add mine to your list! :)