Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Body, Forgive Me

About once every 3-4 months I do a HUGE grocery shop. It consists of stocking up on all things pantry-like, including but not limited to: canned fruits and veggies, baking products (think flour, sugar, salt, soda, etc.), ground beef, chicken breasts, and sometimes household goods like toilet paper.

Tonight was such a shop. And let me tell you....boy, am I exhausted! I hadn't done a real grocery shop since June, so we were certainly ready for one of these babies! I convinced myself that I had the energy to do it, and so off I went. Well, it was more like me convincing myself that I really had to do it since there is no such likelihood that I'll be in the mood for one at any time during the rest of my pregnancy. And it was more like dragging myself to the store. But I digress.

I used to shop at about 3 stores every time I went out, but after a while I discovered this was rather cumbersome, so now I generally stick to 1-2. Tonight was a 2-store shop and I feel pretty good about the deals I managed to snag at both stores.

Now granted, I did spend slightly over our monthly grocery budget tonight alone. But again, this type of bulk shopping happens only once every 3-4 months and it's allowed that I go a bit over.


And considering I picked up 48 rolls of toilet paper, 2 giant boxes of diapers, a giant box of baby wipes, and 4 boxes of tissues (hey, cold season is just around the corner!) amongst all the other stocking up I did....I consider it a pretty good night. And really, we shouldn't need to grocery shop again for like, forever.

I left the boxes of diapers, wipes, tissues, toilet paper, and all other non-urgent things in the van and dragged in all the other stuff. I have now officially unloaded all the groceries, filled the fridge and freezer to near capacity, and set out all the dry goods to be put away in the morning.

All things considered, I feel great.

But my poor belly and legs hate me right now.

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