Friday, August 14, 2009

If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another

Warning: This post mentions poop.

Reagan, our youngest little one, has had quite the week. She's had diarrhea on and off (but mostly on) since Monday or Tuesday and has hardly eaten anything. She's normally a really good eater, but this week even the things she loves she was not interested in. Last night, I was starting to wonder if perhaps she had an ear infection, so I decided I would call this morning to get her in to the doctor's office before the weekend hit. (We so appreciate our pediatrician and he doesn't work on Mondays, so if it's a Friday and I have even the smallest inkling that my children might need to see a doctor in the next few days, I generally take them in that day just to be on the safe side.)

But, as an aside, I'm really NOT one of those moms who takes her kids in to the doctor all the time. In fact, most of the time I feel bad about not taking them in sooner when I find out they have some really progressed....whatever. But anyway....

This morning Reagan woke up later than usual and seemingly only woke up because she had rolled off her mattress. (She just moved out of her crib this week, so she's currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor.) I went in to get her and she was extremely lethargic. In fact, she fell back asleep half on the mattress and half in my lap. I moved her back onto her pillow and let her sleep for about another hour.

She had perked up a tiny bit by the time of her appointment at 11 o'clock, but she hadn't eaten anything and had actually thrown up once this morning. She was looking pretty pathetic and I admit I was selfishly really disappointed that she seemed too weak to walk. Thankfully, she fits over my belly pretty well. But she was still heavy.

The doctor checked her out. No ear infection. No diaper rash. No other visible problems. Her throat looked fine, but he said he'd check it just in case. (Since, remember, Sienna had strep last week?)

Apparently our children have some really bizarre strep symptoms (diarrhea is not a symptom of strep, but Sienna had it too) or perhaps a strange strain of strep is going around right now, but either way....Reagan's strep swab was also positive.

I was just glad it was treatable.

Since Keaton was with me, the doctor went ahead and looked at his throat. He said it looked fine, but of did Reagan's. Since he knows I'm not a "medicine happy mom" (in fact, I'd say I'm pretty much as close to the opposite end of the spectrum as you can get), he went ahead and wrote me a prescription for Keaton as well and said if he starts to show any symptoms in the next 2 weeks to go ahead and get his prescription filled. The doctor and I both agreed that it would be best to get this whole strep thing out of the house before the new baby comes. So far, my husband and I are clear and I'm praying things will stay that way.

When we got home, Keaton did not finish his lunch (one of his favorites!) and said he wasn't feeling well.


At least we have the prescription if I decide we need it. I'll be watching him closely over the next few days. Hopefully this lunch deal was just a fluke, but we'll see....


Motherhood is such an adventure!

On a completely unrelated and positive note, we sold our bunk beds this morning in preparation for a project we'll be completing next weekend. It was a nice set in good condition, but I was still a little amazed that we were able to get as much out of it as we were. My husband, on the other hand, thinks we "gave it away", it seems, as we sold it with the mattresses. But they were 10-year old mattresses. And really, we have absolutely no need for a full-size mattress anymore. We could have used the twin, but I figured if someone was interested in it, we might as well just sell it too and get a new one since each of our children will likely be sleeping in a twin bed until they leave the house!

More on THE PROJECT coming soon....

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