Tuesday, August 11, 2009

But Seriously...I'm So Blessed

On Sunday morning, we turned our 7am alarm off and waited for one of our children to reawaken us. It rarely happens that ANY of our children sleep past 7.15am, but if it's going to happen, it always does so on a Sunday morning. No. Fail.

So when our son broke into our room at 7.55am, the fun began.

I realize that for most reasonable people with three small children, allowing for just 45 minutes to eat breakfast, find clothes, get dressed, brush teeth, and leave the house is, um....a little absurd. But for us, well...unfortunately, it's all too common.

To further complicate the fact that we had gotten up late, I wasn't feeling fantastic and was still lying in bed listening to the commotion going on around me. Our middle child was in the bathroom. Our oldest child was in his room getting dressed. And our youngest child was laughing hysterically at my husband as he made funny noises while changing her diaper.

A sudden tear came to my eye as I realized....I am so blessed.

It happens every so often that this realization comes to me. And it's unfortunate that I can't recognize these moments more often.

I mean....Do I really wallow in self-pity so much that I can't even see all the good things going on around me? Is it possible that I think so much of myself that my awareness of all of God's blessings is utterly and absolutely lacking in my life?

Apparently so. Otherwise, these moments wouldn't be moments at all. They would be life.


When my grocery cart is full and I hand over the cash to the clerk....am I thankful for God's promise to always provide what we need?

When my husband comes home from working a 12-hour day just so I can stay home with our children....do I really appreciate all the hard work he does for our family?

When my daughter asks for a hug 15 times a day.....do I savor the moment? And the fact that my daughter is here to ask me for such a thing....15 times a day?

When my children recite their Bible verses every evening before bed....do I understand the beauty of the habit they are forming because of my husband's diligence to teach them?

When I drive in my mini-van with the A/C blasting through the vents, see my children with their toys in their laps, and pop in my favorite CD....do I consider how lavishly rich we are in this country?

When I go to each midwife appointment and hear the sound of a beating heart, when I feel the incessant kicking all day every day and feel the sharp pains that come from carrying a child for 9 months....do I comprehend the absolute beauty of the miracle inside me?

And when I completely forget I have an appointment until the day it's scheduled and urgently call around to find a last-minute baby sitter for my three children....am I thankful for all the people the Lord has surrounded me with who are always willing to lend a helping hand?


God is so good. And I am so ignorant of His goodness sometimes. But I'm grateful for the times he clunks me on the head to show me that...seriously...I am so blessed.


The Kelly's said...

This is exactly what I needed to read today. Megan has become whiny, emotional and just plain cranky for the past two weeks now. I cried to my husband tonight about how tired I was of her attitude. Your post reminded me of how blessed I am have a child. And, how blessed I am to be able to stay home with her, even on these tough days. So, thanks for the post!

Andy and Cari said...

we all need a little reality slap once in awhile...blessed just to have another day...that we do not deserve int he first place...God is good.

love you