Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Wow, I totally lost track of blogging this week. So let me catch you up on some of our late-in-the-week activities:

On Thursday...

We went to playgroup. Normal playgroup routine ensued.

I went grocery shopping. I took my husband's A/C-free car to get an oil change while I was shopping and I actually thought I might die from the humidity. It was great.

My husband and I ordered pizza and watched a movie. We like home dates.

On Friday...

We had some friends over in the morning. We hadn't seen each other in about a year, so it was nice to catch up. Our kids played together and we chatted about life. Good times.

We went to (blog co-author) Gretchen's house and our kids played in the kiddie pools outside. We sat inside and talked about how she wanted to try natural labor this time around and about how she couldn't wait for her little guy to arrive.

My kids got a little sunburnt. Despite the ton of sunscreen I put on them before they went out. I blame the pool. And the sun.

I made dinner for a friend who broke her finger this week. Meaty Manicotti. I wanted to eat it all myself but managed to give it to her instead. Oh, how I miss it.

Gretchen called as we were putting our kids to bed and told me her water broke. I was so jealous. I mean, not that I would want my water to break right now, but my water has never broken on its own with any of my children and I just want to know what that experience is like. That's probably weird, I know.

It was HOT!!!! outside.

We got to experience a REAL mattress for the first time in years. It was amazing. Seriously.

Oh, and Cari had her baby.

On Saturday...

I didn't sleep well, so I read for a while early in the morning. Then I went back to sleep.

Gretchen had her baby.

I made a real breakfast for my family (usually my husband cooks on Saturday mornings), did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, picked up the house, made the bed, and thanked the Lord for the energy to do so.

I cleaned out and vacuumed the van. It was hot. But not as hot as Friday.

Now I'm planning to go see Cari and Gretchen at the hospital. Isn't it convenient that they both went into labor on the same day at the same hospital, just for me? I thought so too. :)

We shall see what the rest of the day holds.....

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