Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Am About To Embark On A Grand Adventure

Not really. I just thought it sounded like a very intriguing title. So of course, if there ever comes a time in my life when I am about to embark on a grand adventure....nobody will believe me. I'll be like the boy who cried, "Wolf!". But I'll take my chances.

I'm totally convinced that laptops and cell phones will be the cause of my entire generation developing carpel tunnel by the age of 35. I'm not even kidding. I was processing wedding pictures for several hours this afternoon and then researching some companies for my up and coming new photography website and, let me just tell you, my right hand hurts like crazy. Sure, that's probably a good sign that I should stop typing and just go to bed. But hey, I didn't blog yet today. So lay off.

Due to said activities taking place this afternoon, I completely failed to plan dinner. I mean...completely. Like, there was NO thawed meat, NO thawed freezer meals, NO milk, and NO bread. (Sandwiches are my fallback.) So out I went at 5:47pm to get to the bread store before they close (at 6pm) and grab some milk at CVS on the way home. Oh, and toilet paper. I have this serious fear of running out of toilet paper. Not kidding. And considering all three of the toilets in our house were on their very last roll...this fear was really starting to take over.

Anyway, I had decided on breakfast for dinner and thankfully my husband had offered to get some things started while I ran to the store. Stores. When I returned home, the bacon was cooked and the pancakes were ready to go, minus the milk. I threw some eggs on the skillet and he got to work on the pancakes. Dinner was ready in no time. We're really a great team, I tell ya. And if we ever open that coffee shop/diner when we're both retired...we're gonna serve some suh-weet food. But enough on that. Back to my website...

I feel like I must not be in my early 20s because I simply do not understand all the internet/website mumbo-jumbo. What is a splash page? Drop-down text section? Dual portal? Puh-lease, someone rescue me. If I wasn't so cheap, I'd hire someone to do this for me. But I am cheap. So I'll have to do it myself. Although don't expect me to do it without complaining.

I am fairly confident that I've decided which company I plan to use for my website, but I just need to work out all the details. And yes, of course I'll direct you to it when it's finished. If it's ever finished. If I ever get started.

And since I'm nearing the end of this post, I'm now searching for a picture to put up. I kind of like putting up a picture in every post. It gives me a way to document my life and makes me feel better about myself as a mom. You see, normally I just take a million pictures and they never see the light of day. They just sit on my laptop and I never get them printed. Ever. Unless my mom wants a copy. Otherwise, they just take up space on my hard drive. It's silly, really, but it's what I do. At least for now.

wm e DSC_0724 b

That is seriously the only look she gives me for pictures. I'm not even joking. Oh, what's that? You think I am joking? Well, I'll prove it....


wm e DSC_0717


wm e DSC_0760

And see?

wm e DSC_0787

Well okay, so you can't actually see her face in that one. But just trust me on this. She's making the face. The same face she makes in every picture. So, see? Not joking.


Amy said...

Hey Heidi,

Robby can help you with your website questions/putting it together. He's pretty good at the computer stuff :)

Just let us know.


Andy and Cari said...

I CANNOT get your blog address to switch over from teh old one on my page. I have deleated you, and added your new site and it just reverts!!!!! I AM IN INTERNET HELL!!!
that is all