Saturday, June 13, 2009

What in the world is going on?

So this morning I accidentally typed in "" rather than "". The thing that tipped me off was the first post. It was my May Finance Recap that I posted about like....ohhhh, 2 weeks ago or so. Now, earlier this week when I visited my old domain, it was totally vacant. Open. White. Nothing there. Now this? I hvae no idea what that's about, but hopefully they will seriously take it down soon so all of my faithful readers will be able to catch up on about a gazillion posts. If they find the new address, that is. Apparently nobody has. Yet.

In other news...all our of trip laundry (and other laundry) has been put away! Our upstairs loft is clean and dry! Well, okay, so there's probably some peed-on laundry in the laundry basket and I'm sure there is at least one stain on the floor up there. But other than that. On Monday (and Wednesday) I washed and dried the laundry. On Wednesday, I folded and sorted it. And on Friday, I actually put it away. It only took 5 days! Isn't that great?!

Oh, what? That's horrible? That never happens in your house? You can't believe someone would leave clean laundry sitting out that long?


In other other news...we're having a garage sale today. Our neighborhood association sent out a newsletter a few months ago and I'm pretty darn sure it stated that our neighborhood garage sale was going to be in August. You know, like it always is. But lo and behold, when I left the house Monday evening to go - umm, wherever I was going - there was a cute little white sign out by our neighborhood entrance.

"Neighborhood Garage Sale - June 12-13"

Nice. Thanks for the notice.

Being 6 months pregnant and sore, I'm rather unfond of bending, reaching, sorting, and all other things garage-sale-preparingish. Of course, I would have been no more fond of all that in August. But still. I was ready for August. I had time for August. Four days was just....too soon.

So I gave it up and decided we would not have a sale this year. At least not in coordination with our "neighborhood sale"....which really shouldn't be called that since, honestly, I think about three families participate. But I digress.

I was feeling mostly confident with my decision to sit out the garage sale festivities this year when I dropped off my kids at my friend Cristi's house yesterday so I could run to my midwife's office for the oh-so-cherished glucose test. (Blek!) But when I left her house, I noticed this lovely this arrangement in her neighbor's garage.

A neat row of hung baby clothes lined one side. You know, like they were just waiting for their turn at a neighborhood garage sale. And that was that.

As a pregnant woman, I reserve all rights to change my mind about any thing at any time concerning any issue. And so I did. Change my mind, that is. I came straight home - well, I went and took my test first, then picked up my kids, then came straight kind of straight home - and set to work unloading all those bags of clothes that people have given me over the past several months and sorting through what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to rid myself of.

It was rather freeing, I must say. Those bags have been sitting around for...well...far too long. And if you've given me a bag of clothes - ever - yes, this is my exact routine for handling them. Let them sit in a closet for at least 6 months and then open them up....just in time to see that all the clothes you have given me are now too small for my growing children.

So anyway, the garage sale....

The worst part about setting up for a garage sale is pricing everything. The second worst part is cleaning the garage. I mean, we do strive to keep one half of the garage clean at all times, you know, so I can do things in it. Like park. But the other half is sort of my husband's workshop and so it always needs picked up when it's time for a garage sale. Or time for anything else.

I figured out the easiest solution for both of these issues. No price tags - just one sign. All similar clothing is the same price. All similar items are the same price. Everything else is 25 cents. Oh, what? That's not that original? Well, whatever. It works.

As for the cleaning part...well, okay...I didn't really come up with an easy solution for that one. We just had to clean. But since we didn't have enough garage sale items for a full garage, it really wasn't too bad. :)

Last year (or was it the year before last?) we made the bulk of our profit from selling chocolate chip cookies. Because I have, like, the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. In the world. (And if you click on that link, you will too.)

In addition to being a great seller, they're also really delicious to eat while I'm, um, working so hard out there. So it's 7:27am and I'm still trying to decide if I should whip up a batch of dough before I head out to start our 8 o'clock sale.

If it gets excruciatingly boring out there today, I'll probably be back here blogging about some other really exciting aspect of my really exciting life. That is, if I finish working on the engagement book, wedding pictures, business cards, emails, and all other business-related things.

On the other hand, perhaps I'll just skip that and go straight to blogging. Because I just love you that much.

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