Monday, June 29, 2009

The Up Days and The Down Days

I feel like I'm all over the place right now.

For starters, I feel like I should have had this baby, like....2 months ago. I am not even kidding when I say that I feel like I've been pregnant for a year. Now, arguably....I have been pregnant for a total of 33 months if you put all 4 of my pregnancies together. And sure, all those pregnancies have taken place in less than 5 years. But still. I had a nice 15-month break between the end of my last pregnancy and the beginning of this one. You'd think that would have been enough time for me to have that I-think-I've-been-pregnant-my-WHOLE-life idea out of my head! But no. I feel like a walking blimp.

To make matters worse, about eight thousand people asked me this weekend when I was due. Like I need a reminder.

"September," I would say, hopefully putting their fears to rest. After all, why was I shooting a wedding on a 90-degree day with a huge bump stretching across my midsection? It reminded me of the time my husband and I went to the Brickyard back in August of 2007 and everyone stared at me as if I might give birth at any moment. But granted, I was significantly closer to my due date at that time, and really, with all the miles we walked that day, I guess it might not have been unheard of. But regardless. I know everyone wants to know when the sweet little one is entering the world, but maybe I should just wear a pin or a t-shirt or something that says "Not til September."

But back to feeling all over the place...

My house is so randomly cleaned, I'm almost starting to feel sorry for it. I don't know if I cleaned a darn thing last week. All week. Well....I'm pretty sure I swept the floor a few times. And I might have made the bed. But other than that...I know I did NO laundry, NO bathroom cleaning, and were it not for our dishwasher, I would have done NO dishes.

But yesterday, after sleeping in a bit (hey, weddings are exhausting), going to church, and coming home....I suddenly got the urge to clean. EVERYTHING.

So I created a master grocery list (more to come on that later), did three loads of laundry (or was it four?), cleaned the kitchen, folded up the pack n play that was used one day last week, sorted and organized some junk mail/bills, finally put away the suitcases from our vacation a few weeks ago, convinced my husband to take our old mattress out to the garage, and picked up the bathrooms, living room, and loft. I was feeling pretty accomplished, so I asked my husband to make a McDonalds run to get me some chicken nuggets. And a movie. (Redbox is my new best friend.)

On the way home, his car broke. Again. He thinks it may be fixable, but we'll see. We watched Bedtime Stories, the a pretty great movie, and finally crashed into bed around midnight.

Today I was vanless, which of course meant that something would come up. It's funny how that happens. You can ask any SAHM if this has happened to her and she'll tell you the same thing, I swear. Even though we rarely go out during the week, if the van is not here...I feel totally stuck. And today was no exception. By 10 o'clock I was already considering who I could call to come over for a playdate. And then, to complicate things even further, a friend of mine called asking if I'd like to meet at a park.

"I'd love to!" I replied. "But I can't."

It figures. The ONE day someone invites me to go out...there's no van. But oh well. We enjoyed staying in this morning. We had a late breakfast and then I watched Bedtime Stories again with my kids. Keaton enjoyed it a lot. And since we're always looking for clean movies to buy, maybe I'll have to put this one on our list.

Since I completely missed Not Me! Monday last week, I'm trying to think of some things to write for this week. Check back later to see if I got that post up.

I'm headed to the kitchen to figure out what to make for dinner.....

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