Monday, June 15, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday


In general, I dread Mondays. It's the day my husband goes back to work for the week. It's the day my kids tend to be ridiculously wound up. And it's the day I oftentimes wake up WAY too tired to function. The house is usually a mess and I'm so exhausted I don't even want to think about cleaning it.

Yes, Mondays are definitely not my favorite day. But I will say that, since blogging "Not Me!" Mondays are just a tiny bit more favorable. I mean, they're still my least favorite day of the week by far, but...I'm just sayin'.

Last week, I definitely did not let my clean laundry sit out on the laundry table for 4 whole days rather than just putting it away. I also didn't leave all our trip luggage and baggage lying around the house, some of it unopened and unpacked for the duration of the week.

I did not eat about 10 pieces of peanut butter pie in 5 days just because it was in the fridge. I have way more self control than that!

I definitely did not skip the free cookies at the grocery store - even though my kids behaved like angels - just because I hate the mess they make all over my kids' clothes, the cart, etc. I would never deprive my children of something so tasty solely because of a teensy little mess!

My husband and I did not laugh hysterically while our three young'ns ran around my studio this weekend, trying on various scarves (props I have lying around) and looking - and acting - rather silly. And I certainly don't have any pictures to prove it!

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res e DSC_0761

res Sienna Collage

res Keaton Collage

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Nope! None of that ever happened at our house!

Speaking of our house, there is absolutely no way that my daughter wet her bed one afternoon during her nap and I completely failed to change her sheets for like....4 days. That would just be way too disgusting for something I would do! (To rest your fears, the sheets have indeed been changed now!) :)

I'm linking this up to MckMama's "Not Me!" Monday post, so head over there for more funny things nobody did this week!

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{Kimber} said...

great pictures!!
cute kids :)