Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spiders Have Taken Over

Disclaimer: This post describes spiders in detail. If you don't like spiders....well, just suck it up and read it anyway. :) Ok, but really. You can skip it if you want. But I will call you a wimp. Ok, end disclaimer.

I used to be really afraid of spiders. And when I say really afraid, I mean like...terrified. I'm gonna blame the whole fear issue on my mom who's also pretty afraid of spiders. Growing up in Wisconsin, I thought a BIG spider was like, you know, the size of a nickel. But after I moved to Indiana, I realized that big spiders were closer to, you know, a half dollar. Or bigger.

The first year we moved into our house was horrible. We moved in during the month of April. Yes, the month that spiders start emerging from their dark cavernous homes. Or wherever they live. And since our house was the very last house on our street to be built, and also since our house butts up against a small wooded area...well...let's just say the spiders were confused. I imagine they were pretty used to roaming our property before it was our property. And they didn't seem to have any problems continuing to roam our property even though it was now our property. I, on the other hand, was NOT a fan.

Every morning I would come downstairs there would be at least 2 or 3 large brown spiders crawling across our living room or kitchen floor. Since my husband was off doing other things that he deemed more important than staying home and killing spiders for his wife all day (like...working), I learned pretty quickly that I had to kill them myself or...or....or else. Or else was not something I was interested in researching, but I was pretty sure it had something to do with spider breeding and infestation and a lot of other bad things. You know what I mean. You've seen Arachnophobia. So we invested in a few flyswatters (although I generally use shoes) and I overcame my fear of large brown house spiders. And eventually they learned their place and opted to stay outdoors. At least most of the time.

Then one day I discovered wolf spiders. Oh. My. Word. Those things should be outlawed. They are so huge and hairy and black and....hairy. Oh, and did I say HUGE? Eww. They mostly hung out outside our patio door, but one creeped up on me once while I was working in the garage. I literally thought I was going to die. It was eyeing me like it hadn't eaten in at least 5 weeks and I was like a deer in headlights. Well, sort of like a deer in headlights. Except I RAN. Inside, of course. And I didn't go back out for about a week. Alright, it might have only been a few hours. But I did watch my back for about a week.

We've been in our house about 4 years now and I've gotten pretty used to the occasional large brown spider, all the little "dust spiders" that build homes in the corners of my house, and the occasional small black spider roaming around. I always kill the big ones because...eww. But I've learned to leave the little guys alone, for the most part. I mean, they're not going to hurt me and it's so much work to go find a shoe. I mean, a flyswatter. But I've got to tell you something. I think while we were out of town, all the spiders got together and had some sort of evil spider convention because they have really taken over!

Everywhere I look there's a spider! A little guy here, a teeny tiny guy there. I've found them scaling the kitchen walls, crawling across our bedroom ceiling, dangling from my laptop....the nasty things are everywhere! I can handle it if I see one every once in a while, but this is really out of control!

So perhaps I'm making this into too big of a deal. But regardless, I'm thinking we're going to need to investigate some of those spider-killing sprays that go around the outside of your house. And I should probably stop typing about spiders, because now I can literally feel them crawling all over me. *Shudder*

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