Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Confessions of a Toddler Mom: I Encourage My Kids To Watch TV

I admit it. Especially when pregnant, I sometimes try to get my kids to watch tv just so I can clean the kitchen or take a quick nap on the couch or make dinner or get some business work done. When the digital TV switch happened a few weeks ago, we opted to get rid of TV altogether. That's right. We never got our little box. Even though it was free. So really, when I say TV, I mean movies. I prefer movies anyway since, a) they can be paused, turned off, and restarted whenever we want, b) I can view them prior to them permeating our little children's minds, and c) they are move convenient.

Alright, so I made that last one up. I don't really think movies are more convenient than TV. I just thought the sentence would look better with three points.

Regardless of how many reasons there are that I prefer movies, that is what we have. In fact, on the rare occasion that our children did watch television (you know, when we still had it), they would get confused when I would tell them we weren't able to pause it for later. They simply couldn't understand why they couldn't watch the rest of Barney after lunch.

I fixed this problem by simply buying them a Barney DVD. Because I'm nice like that.

Seriously though, we don't really have that many kid movies. I guess "that many" is kind of a relative term, but I'd say we have about...ehh....15. The limited number is also good because it deters me from encouraging them to sit in front of the screen since I get tired of those 15 movies a whole lot quicker than they do.

But then again....some days it's just so much easier to put in the ear plugs, run the water in the kitchen, and turn a blind eye to things like this:

Reagan TV 550w

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