Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Finer Things In Life

When my husband and I first moved into our house, our first baby in tow, we prided ourselves in our ability to pay for brand spanking new furniture for our bedroom and our dining room. Looking back, while I don't think that was the very best decision, I do see that those things were quite an investment and probably something we still would not have if we hadn't bought them then.

We got a great deal on all of our furniture. We bought it from a man who had intended to start his own furniture business and then became very ill and was unable to do so, so he had discounted all of the original prices significantly. We were very pleased with our purchase. There was only one thing we were missing:

A mattress set.

So, being the "frugal" people that we were...(if only we had known what frugal really was)...we scoured the newspaper for a cheap mattress set. We found a box spring, mattress, and frame - new, for about $120. We knew there were far better things out there, but hey, we needed a mattress set and...since we had splurged on the actual furnishings for our bedroom, we'd just have to get a cheap mattress for the time being.

Four years later, we are still sleeping on that mattress set. It squeaks something atrocious every time a body turns, twists, rises, or sinks down onto it. Sometimes I even think I can hear it squeaking when I look at it. But that's not all. It's also highly uncomfortable. I mean, like....we have 2 layers of egg carton foam on top of it and can still feel the springs in certain areas.

This being my 3rd pregnancy and all, I definitely know what "inability to sleep" means. My husband, on the other hand, works 12 hours a day and can fall asleep standing up if need be. He could sleep on a board, a cloud, or a porcupine and not even flinch until the alarm went off. I, on the other hand, don't quite have the same experience when it comes to sleeping. Perhaps I should simply take up working harder, but...that just doesn't sound like very much fun.

The day before we left on vacation, we saw a sign up in a mattress store window. $199 for a Sealy Perfect Sleeper mattress - ANY SIZE. That would have been a heck of a deal if only we hadn't been about to leave for a 2-week vacation. After having slept remarkably well for a week in various hotel beds, our return home to our squeaky, uncomfortable mattress was....well....difficult, to say the least. And again the "We should really get a new mattress" conversation ensued...as it oftentimes does.

I don't remember exactly how it happened but we discovered, while browsing online, that the $199 Sealy sale was actaully still going on. We mulled over it for about a day before deciding a new mattress would be a good choice. Ahem, a great choice. So when Sunday afternoon rolled around, my husband went over to the mattress store to buy us a new mattress.

Lo and behold, they were all sold out, but they were still honoring the sale so he went ahead and paid for our new mattress. I am now attempting to wait patiently while it is shipped over to the store and due to arrive on Friday. In the meantime, we have moved our mattress to the floor in hopes that perhaps the box spring had something to do with the uncomfortability of it all. It turns out it's not any more comfortable, but it is quieter. A lot of the squeaking apparently comes from the box spring and not the mattress. Once we get our new mattress, we will determine whether or not we should purchase the matching box spring (from Sam's - way cheaper than the mattress store!) or just stick with the one we have for a while.

And speaking of the finer things in life, my little Reagan really has a thing for these jokester glasses we found at the Dollar Tree several weeks ago. They look like super heavy duty Rx glasses when, in actuality, they are simply a strange cut of plastic that appears to magnify your eyes. Feast your eyes on these babies!

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Please ignore the war wounds. This girl likes to pick fights with things like doors, hard floors, furniture, etc. And obviously, she typically loses.


Sarah said...

Frugal is always bad when it comes to matresses. I can testify. Is that Sealy sale still going on?
There is literally an indentation of my entire body in our matress, and you can see the springs poking through our egg cartons as well!

Anonymous said...

We bought our set at Sam's about six yrs ago and still love it. We found it to be cheaper there too. Sealy pillow top!!!