Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Worship - Challenge, Day 1

When I first started this blog several months ago, I would occasionally issue a challenge as part of my Weekend Worship posts. Well, the time has come around again and I have a really hard one for you this week!

The truth's not my challenge, really. The challenge actually came straight from the pulpit yesterday, but I think it's perfect!

Our sermon began with several quotes on the state of America's declining morals. Woven into the message was the truth that the television has played a major role in this country's downfall. He defined television as the most easily accessible, most addictive drug in America. The sermon ended with this challenge:

Part A:
This week read your Bible as much as you watch television. Minute for minute. Hour for hour.

Part B:
Each day, share with one person something you've learned from reading the Word that day.

When our pastor first said this, I thought "Well, that should be easy. We hardly even watch tv!" But after tonight's 2-hour movie with my hubby, I've had to rethink how much we actually do turn on the tube.

So I'm extending the challenge to all of you! For one week only (it's only a week - you can do it!), read the Bible just as much as you watch tv. You may be surprised how much tv you actually watch! And you'll likely be just as surprised how much you're learning in the Scriptures in that same amount of time!


I decided to start with Matthew and I'll see how far I get in the New Testament this week! What I've learned from my reading today is how very disobedient I am. When Mary was pregnant and shortly after she gave birth to Jesus, Joseph received visions from the Lord more than once. He never seemed to waver in his faith. Each time the Lord commanded Joseph to do something, as soon as he woke up, Joseph obeyed. As soon as he woke up. Wow. What a man of God! I know of several instances in the past and present wherein I have not immediately obeyed the conviction of the Holy Spirit. And I hesitate to say that immediate obedience is probably not often the case with me.

I hope you will join in on this challenge for the week! If you do, feel free to leave comments sharing about what you're learning in the Word each day! Or post about the challenge in your own blog and leave your link in the comments section!

I may or may not be blogging about other things this week. We'll see how much reading I have to do! :)

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day and I have never posted. However, I wanted to tell you what a great idea this is. Thanks for the inspiration and the great blog!