Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Appetizer at T.G.I. Friday's!

Some of you know that T.G.I. Friday's used to have a card called a "Gold Points" card. They have recently done away with their old system and have come out with a new and improved (or so they say) card called "Give Me More Stripes".

If you sign up for this new card, you will receive a free appetizer! Now, the Gold Points "free" appetizer was actually $8 off any appetizer, but since there are several under $8 - no big deal! I'm not sure if this one will be the same but either way it's still at least an $8 coupon!

Go here to sign up. Your card will be mailed to you in 10-12 days!

I've been told the free appetizer is good on ANY appetizer. Can anyone else confirm this at their local restaurant?