Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Challenge, Day 3

I have not turned the television on since Sunday. While I'm not sure that watching less TV was the actual goal of this challenge, I'm sure it definitely can't hurt. Since I'm still catching up on Sunday's 2-hour movie time, I don't want to get any more behind by watching anything else! I have about 25 minutes to go and I'm just about to finish the book of Matthew. It's been a lovely journey.

I found myself in Bible study last night knowing where all the verses in Matthew were. It was a wonderful feeling to know exactly what Scriptures were there! Obviously, the more acquainted with the Word you are, the better you will know references and Scriptures.

In Matthew 26, Peter denied Christ three times, just as Christ had told him he would. It got me to thinking....how often do we as Christians deny the name of Christ? Not directly, of course, but in a subtle way. For example, the way we dress could deny the fact that we know Him. The way we speak could deny the commandments that He has given. There are so many ways that we can essentially deny our Lord, yet we look at Peter and say, "What a fool!"

I'm curious if anyone else is traveling this journey with me. Anyone?....Anyone?.....Bueller?....

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Sanne's Place said...

i am not with you on this one; mostly because i dont watch much if any tv; now the computer is another whole story.... but i think you are doing an excellent thing!! And you bring up very, very interesting ?'s :)