Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Lot of Laundry

Yesterday was one of those days. One of the few days I've had with this pregnancy where I feel alive and capable of doing almost anything. (Anything, that is, except scuba-diving. I have a terrible fear of being eaten by a shark.)

I don't know if I did any laundry last week. Well, okay...I think I remember doing laundry, but I know for certain that I never folded any. I was trying to blame that on the fact that my laundry table had been moved downstairs for our cookout the weekend before, but when my husband brought it back upstairs midweek that kind of ended my excuse. But I still didn't fold it. I just felt so tired.

I remember doing a fairly thorough cleaning before our company arrived on the 4th, so I wasn't too concerned about the bathrooms or floors. But the kitchen....ohhh, the kitchen. It's a place that seems to never be finished. There's always something to do in the kitchen.

Sweeping. Mopping. Dishes. Emptying the dishwasher. Loading the dishwasher. Cleaning the table. Cleaning the countertops. Oh, and who could forget cooking? Which of course, leads back to all of those things again.

Most days I hate the kitchen. Some days I detest it. Last week was a detestable kitchen week. I did manage to load the dishwasher once or twice and I tried to keep everything rinsed after meals, but I admit that my husband was stuck doing a lot of the kitchen work that I should have done myself. Thankfully, he is quite the servant in the kitchen and quietly picked up where I had left off (or rather....not done anything).

This weekend was no better. I continued to stare into the kitchen and hoping that if I wished hard enough the kitchen fairies would appear and put everything in its place.

Unfortunately, no fairies ever came.

Not only could I not find any kitchen fairies, I also couldn't find any vacuuming fairies, laundry fairies, or grocery shopping fairies. WHERE ARE ALL THE FAIRIES?!?!

Eh hem. Sorry.

Anyway, when I woke up yesterday morning I was determined to pick up, clean up, and straighten up the house. I totally pooped out around 1.30pm but made a short comeback after dinner to vacuum the stairs and the upstairs (which only gets done about once a month). All in all, with some help from my children, I managed to:

- wash, dry, and put away 4 loads of laundry
- load and unload the dishwasher
- clean the countertops, sink, and kitchen table
- sweep the kitchen floor
- vacuum 14 stairs + 3 bedrooms + 2 closets + 1 loft
- compose 3 blog posts
- process some wedding pictures
- reorganize our closet shelves
- fill in my business calendar
- research some insurance questions
- pay several bills
- feed my children - twice!
- strip and remake 3 beds and 1 crib
- rearrange (again) the laundry baskets in our quest to find the most efficient way to do laundry in this house
- completely forget about dinner

That's right. In all that work, I totally forgot to plan dinner. But thankfully, the Lord has given me a very forgiving husband. He ran to the bread store, grabbed a few loaves of bread (since we were totally out) and came home to help make our "breakfast dinner": toast, eggs, and sausage.

Um...can we say nesting may have set in? I think so.

Speaking of which...I am 31 weeks this Thursday! On one hand, it seems like I have so far to go. On the other hand, I could be having a baby in 7 weeks! I have about 5,000,009 things I want to do before the little one arrives, but....I'll just stick to doing what I am capable of and the rest will get done eventually.

Today I have a photo shoot with an adorably cute and squishy newborn and I can't wait! Check my photography blog later this week if you'd like to see pictures. :)

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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Miney said...

We complain about the missing fairies around our house, too!