Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Anticipation Of Something Great

I'd like to proudly announce that it took me less than the anticipated 4-6 weeks for all of the wedding photos from my last wedding to be sorted, processed, resized, and uploaded to an online gallery. Perhaps your wedding photographer had your pictures to you in three days and you're, like, totally unimpressed. Perhaps your photographer took something more like three months and you, like, can't believe how fast I am. Either way you look at it, for a frazzled mom with (almost) 4 kids under 5...personally, I'm impressed.

So there.

I'd also like to proudly announce that I made it to the grocery store this morning! I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that the last time I went grocery shopping was (gulp) on July 3rd. Yes, the July 3rd that was X'd off the calendar a whopping THREE weeks ago. But I am so thankful that we are capable of keeping, and do keep our home fairly well stocked with the essentials.

So no, my children were not living on Raman noodles and Kraft mac 'n cheese. And no, we weren't drinking powdered milk and Tang.

It's extremely rare that I make it to the grocery store midweek in the morning, but when I do, I love how many markdowns I find. I also get a kick out of the fact that they call all that nearly expired stuff the "Manager's Special". I mean, really. We all know the only reason it's "special" is because if nobody buys it today, it's going to go into the trash.

Anyway, I scored some yummy OJ and some organic yogurts for a pretty sweet price. So I was happy about that. And while I'm talking about good deals, let me just rant and rave for one tiny second about something that is NOT a good deal.


Who does Huggies think they are kidding?? Like I'm not going to notice the fact that there are now 36 diapers per package instead of 42?? Oh, and also the fact that the price has not gone down, not stayed the same, but has actually risen?? Oh man, don't even get me started!!

Seriously. I don't want to talk about it. So drop it already.

Moving on....

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm very happy about that. I know lots of people love Saturdays, but I think I must just thrive on the anticipation of something great - or something like that - because I love knowing that Fridays bring about the anticipation of Saturday. Once we actually reach a Saturday, I can no longer be anticipatory because thinking of Sunday only leads me to think of Monday. And well, I'm not a big Monday fan. I mean, I don't use the word "hate" too often, but...if I did....well, I'm just sayin'.


Fridays are good. And if you didn't follow anything I just said in that last paragraph, go back and read it again. Eh, you know what? Nevermind. Don't even bother. It probably doesn't make a lick of sense anyway.

Happy (almost) Friday, everyone!

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