Monday, April 28, 2008

You May Be Wondering Where I've Been.....

This weekend was CRAZY. My husband was in a wedding, so we had rehearsal Friday night, then the actual wedding on Saturday. And to top things off, my husband came home with what we thought was the flu Friday afternoon, so he was sick for the whole thing. How lovely, right? Then he was diagnosed with strep yesterday, so now I'm wondering if this will go around our whole family. *Sigh*

Isn't it a little late in the year to be getting sick??

Aside from that, I have no major excuse for my lack of upkeep except that I have developed some strep-like symptoms myself. I only have a mild sore throat, but I definitely have the body ache thing down. And since my husband was home from work today, I wanted to spend the day with him since we rarely get a day of nothingness.

I am hoping to be going again at full speed tomorrow, at which time I plan to backlog and post Sunday's and Monday's blogs as well.

Oh, and I have one exciting announcement! I have "officialized" my blog by getting my very own domain! You can now access my blog @ (instead of typing in that long blogger name)!

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Anonymous said...

Oooooo, congrats on getting your own domain! Very official and important sounding. :)

I hope you don't get terribly sick!

(This is Katy, by the way.)