Friday, April 11, 2008

CVS Scenarios For This Week

Sorry this took me so long to post! Being sick last weekend just sucked all of my energy and I'm apparently still recovering. I didn't find this week to be ultra fantastic, but since these scenarios mostly revolve around things I actually need (deoderant and diapers), it turned out to be a fairly decent week:

Transaction 1:

(2) Degree deoderants @ $2.50 each
(3) Sunsilk stylers @ $3.49 each
(2) Covergirl TruBlend Whipped Foundation $10.99 each

Use $1/2 Degree coupon, $1.50/1 Sunsilk coupons, and BOGO Covergirl coupon from this week's paper and $2/1 Covergirl coupon from CVS's Reinventing Beauty catalog. (Or if you still have $2.50/1 Sunsilk coupons from a few months ago, those would be an even better deal!)

Total before coupons: $33.96
Total after coupons: $15.47
Pay with ECB, of course! :)
Receive $17 ECB back (a $5 and a $12).

Transaction #2:

(4) CVS Rapid Release pain reliever @ $3.99 each
(1) Lumene Body Aktiva @ $1.99 each

If you have one, use a $3/$10 CVS brand coupon.

Total before coupon: $17.95
Total after coupon: $14.95
Pay with $15 ECB.
Receive $17.95 ECB back (a $1.99 and a $15.96).

Transaction #3:

(3) pks of Huggies diapers @ $8.99 each

Use 3 $1/1 Huggies coupons (and if you have a $4/$20 CVS coupon, use that too).

Total before coupons: $26.97
Total after coupons: $23.97 (or $19.97)
Pay with $17.95 ECB. Total OOP: $6 (or $2)
Receive $10 ECB back.

What deals did you find at CVS this week??


jane said...

I went to CVS this afternoon ready with two planned transactions that should have resulted in a couple dollars OOP for about $35 in products. Well...they had almost nothing I was looking for. I did re-group (I've only been doing this for a couple weeks, and I tend to panic and end up spending more than I intended if my deals don't work!).

So, here's what I ended up getting:
2 Excedrin migraine
1 Cheez-it twin pack
2 Red Zone travel size body wash
2 Excedrin $2/1 coupons
1 Old Spice $2/2 coupon
$5 ECBs

OOP: $1.95
Savings: $17.61
ECBs earned: $2, $3

FLUUD7 said...

JANE: Good job! I know how frustrating it is when they are out of everything and you have to completely redo your transactions! But you did great!

jane said...

Just checked on-line and there is a CVS in the town I have to drive to tomorrow to do my party. Woo-hoo! Now I'm off to re-work my other deals in case they have some things in stock that our store didn't have. This is SO addictive!

jane said...

Visited that neighboring town's CVS today (about 45 minutes from home) after my party. I am now trying to control my jealousy toward folks who have "real" CVS stores! Compared to the only one here, this store was well-stocked, all the ECB deals (weekly and monthly) were well-marked, and it was much better organized.

Here's what I got:
Transaction 1:
3 EOB facial buffs
3 EOB gift bags
1 Heinz vinegar ($.75/1 coupon)
1 Johnson's baby shampoo ($1/1 coupon)
Used CVS $2/10 coupon (from purple flier at pharmacy rack)
Used $10 ECB
OOP $1.70, Got back $11 ECB ($10, $1)

Transaction 2:
2 Softsoap Spa body wash
2 Red Zone travel body wash ($1/2 coupon)
Used $11 ECB
OOP $1.02, Got back $9.98 ECB

Transaction 3:
1 Sunsilk shampoo (33% free size)
1 Sunsilk leave-in cream (BOGO coupon)
1 Charmin 9-roll pack ($1 coupon)
1 Lever 8-bar pack ($1 coupon)
Used $9.98 ECB
OOP $2.38, Got back $5 ECB

Saved $45.83 total! Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

I have been to CVS a few time and have a few questions for you.
1. what is OOP?
2. Where do you get these $2/1 coupons?

FLUUD7 said...


OOP= Out of pocket - the amount you will pay after coupons and ECB.

The $2/1 Cover Girl coupons are in a small CVS catalog that I found at the counter of my CVS. They are also attached to a magazine called "Reinventing Beauty" that they sell at CVS, but you should be able to find them alone too. It's a little green book.