Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun Friday - I've Been Tagged!

I hope none of you are TOO stuck on Fitness Friday, because it looks like it's going to become an alternating topic. Today, I've decided to go with FUN FRIDAY!

Pam @ Saving Money and Being Happy has tagged me to share three random things about myself. I thought this could be fun anyway since a lot of you may not know much about me, but rather only things about how I love to save money, what I cook, and what I find humorous. Ok, so here goes...

1. I am a redhead. Yes, a group of people that will soon be gone (or so they say).

2. I am SO PSYCHED that we will soon be debt free!! WOO HOO!! (See Dave Ramsey).

3. I love Jesus Christ. He has saved me from my sin and I am eternally grateful.

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