Monday, April 7, 2008

Money Monday - Kroger Mega Sale!!!!

For those of you who don't have a Kroger nearby....I feel so bad for you.

For those of you who do - WOO HOO!!! Kroger is running a Mega sale this week (or last week in some areas of the country) - Buy 10 participating products, Get $5 off your bill instantly! I was sick with the flu and an ear infection all weekend, but my dear husband went to the store (with coupons and all) and picked up this stuff for us:

Total before sale and coupons: $68.36
Total after sale and coupons: $14.69 - CHA CHING, BABY!

We could have done better, but we really needed some Ziplocs and some cheese. Some of it was just plain fun. For instance, I actually made money on the mustards. And who can pass up free Pillsbury cresent rolls and pizza crusts?? Not me!

I've heard rumors that this sale is running 2 full weeks in some areas, but I have no confirmation yet that that is the case here in Indiana. I think I've pretty much used most of my available coupons to go along with this sale already, but they were out of a few things so I could always get a couple more free or almost-free items. :)

Anyone know if this is a national 2-week sale or just locally in some areas??


Anonymous said...

Do you get your coupons out of the newspaper mostly?

FLUUD7 said...

ANONYMOUS: I do a little bit of online coupon printing, but yes, I mostly get my coupons out of the newspaper. We don't actually subscribe to the paper, but I get two copies of the coupon circulars from some neighbors, a copy from a friend at church, and a copy from my MIL.