Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More CVS For Beginners!

I have yet to make my weekly trek to CVS this week, but I do know that I will be taking advantage of the diaper deal (Buy $25 of select baby products, Get $10 ECB), since we have two toddlers and an infant in our home!

Because I'm still recovering from being sick, I haven't put together any new beginner deals for this week, but I adjusted last week's post for beginners to exclude the Glucerna deal (since that deal was only good last week). The rest of the deals posted were monthly, so in case you did not make it to CVS last week for you very first trip, here is the updated version:

Spend $3.92 and Get $13.99 ECB back! (This could be even better if you have $3/$10 or $4/$20 CVS coupons).


Transaction #1:

3 toe dividers @ 99 cents each

Total: $2.97
Total OOP: $2.97
ECB back: $5


Transaction #2:

5 toe dividers @ 99 cents each

Total: $4.95
Use $5 ECB.
Total OOP: $0
ECB back: $5


Transaction #3:

1 Softsoap body wash @ $4.99
1 toe divider @ 99 cents each

Total: $5.98
Use $1/1 Softsoap coupon and $5 ECB.
Total OOP: $0
ECB back: $9.99 (a $4.99 and a $5.00)


Transaction #4:

1 CVS Rapid Release 24ct Pain Reliever @ $3.99
6 toe dividers @ 99 cents each

Total: $9.93
Use $9.99 ECB.
Total OOP: $0
ECB back: $13.99 (a $3.99 and a $10.00)


Transaction #5:

1 CVS Rapid Release 24ct Pain Reliever @ $3.99 each

Total: $3.99
Use $3.99 ECB.
Total OOP: $0
ECB back: $3.99

You now have a total of $13.99 in ECB to spend later! (But don't wait TOO long - these have an expiration date!)

Please let me know if you see any mistakes. :)


A few other people have put together beginner deals for this week:

Bethany @ Because I've Been Blessed shows how you can get about $71 worth of products for $14-16 out of pocket, AND you'll still have $13.97 to use on future purchases here.

Rebecca @ A Stirring Life shows how you can spend $1 OOP and get $14 in ECB here!

What are you getting this week??


Kimmy2303 said...

Hope you feel better soon! :) Quick question - can someone give you their EBCs or do the EBCs have to correspond with a specific CVS card? Thanks for all your help, you've been great!

FLUUD7 said...

KIMMY: ECB must be used in correspondence with a specific card. So, if someone wanted to give you their ECB, they would have to give you their card too in order for you to be able to use them. However, I'm not sure if there is a store policy on using someone else's card.

Jane said...

Ok, I'm looking for suggestions. I did the CVS Rapid Release last week and my store doesn't have toe dividers or Softsoap Spa. I also did the Febreze and Sunsilk deals earlier this week.

I do have Huggies coupons, and most of the other coupons from the past two weeks' newspapers. And I have two $5 ECBs that I can use. Any ideas?

FLUUD7 said...

JANE: I will look at that tomorrow for you. I am just about to head to bed. Anyone else have suggestions for Jane?

Nicki BL said...

I'm working right now, but I'll look into it for you, Jane.

I need to know what you need this week.

jane said...

The things I could use the most are charmin, cheerios, baby snacks, diapers, and the excedrin.

I did manage to print two excedrin coupons today (for some reason, my computer rarely cooperates with printing coupons - grrr).

The coupons I have are:
2 Excedrin migraine $2/1
2 Charmin $1/1
2 Huggies $1.50/1
1 Old Spice Body Wash $2/2
1 Old Spice Body Wash $1/2
1 Cheerios $1/1
1 Cheerios $.55/1

Does that help at all?

FLUUD7 said...

JANE: I am currently working on what I will be getting this week and will post when I have it figured out.

Have you tried switching to Firefox to print coupons? I could only print about half the time from Internet Explorer, but I switched to Firefox and now I can print almost everything! You might want to give it a try if you haven't already!

jane said...

I'm pretty computer clueless. How would I switch to Firefox?

jane said...

Oh, and I mentioned the Old Spice coupons because I've seen threads where people have posted about getting the trial size ones for free using those coupons. :-)

FLUUD7 said...

JANE: If it's not already installed on your computer, you can download Firefox at It's a very quick download and is a standard web browser just like Internet Explorer.

Kimmy2303 said...

I feel like a little kid, I cant wait to see what deal scenerious you have worked up for this week.