Friday, February 29, 2008

Fitness Friday

Lately, I've been talking about how I've really gotten into exercising with a stability ball. This week I took pictures of myself doing my exercise video (which proved to be MORE exercise than just doing the video alone). I don't think I will post them though - at least not right now. :) But I still encourage you, if you find exercising to be a "boring task", to pick up a stability ball (on sale, of course) and give it a try!

Today, I want to offer a few more suggestions of things you can do for exercise that you may find more interesting than your average 2-mile jog. Here is a short list of some things I have done in the past for exercise and would like to get back into:

bike riding

I know it's hard to do these things in the winter, but...Alas! Spring is on its way! (At least, I sure hope it is!) If you have a YMCA membership, these are things you could do year-round. Rollerblading, jumproping, and bike riding can be done as long as the roads are dry. Tennis and volleyball can be played against a wall by yourself if you have no one to play with you. And we all know that basketball is an easy one-man sport.

If you have never tried some of these forms of exercise, give them a shot! (No pun intended). Do you have any other creative ideas for exercising that aren't boring?

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