Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Worship - Juuuust Junk It!

As I mentioned in Friday's blog, the past week was pretty stressful in our home.

Last week, I talked about how the "stuff" of this life makes us so busy that we cannot concentrate on worshipping the Lord, spending quality time with our family, etc. I mentioned that my goal for the week was to start simplifying my life by getting rid of all the junk in our bedroom. It seemed like a manageable goal, but with all of the craziness of life, apparently it wasn't.

I am again declaring de-junking our bedroom as my project of the week. I encourage you to de-junk part of your home this week as well. Start small - under the bathroom sink, your bedroom closet, THE CAR, or the pantry. Don't make a goal of doing your entire basement in one week. There's a good chance you'll burn out and accomplish nothing.

Let me know how your de-junking goes and I'll keep you posted on mine!

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Dash of Sass said...

Get the book "30 Days to a Simpler Life". It is not a Christian book, but it has help me de-junk a lot over the last several years. I am constantly trying to get rid of stuff and analyzing the new stuff that I bring in. Plus, you have less stuff do dust around! Keep up the good work!