Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Worship - Slow Down!

Instead of writing a full blog today, I just want to suggest one thing: This week, figure out a few ways to simplify your life. Americans are so busy! We are always rushing around looking for our lost keys, trying to get to the mall to meet our friends, running to the laundromat, getting the dog his manicure, going to the latest movie......

The list goes on and on. All of our busyness takes the place of time that could be spent in prayer, reading the Word, fellowshipping with other believers, or spending time with our families.

Take a few moments out of one of your busy days this week and decide where you can cut back. A few ideas to get you going...

Watch less TV. (It's mostly trash, anyway).
Leave early for work.
Don't mop the floor this week.
Read with your children - not just to them.
Throw out some junk. (Clutter doesn't make anyone happy).
Turn off your cell phone for family time.

Have other ideas? Leave them in the comments section and let me know what you're doing to simplify your life.

My plan for simplifying my life this week: Sort through our bedroom (drawers, shelves, etc.) and throw away all the crap.

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