Saturday, November 29, 2008

Super Savings Saturday!

Did you all hit any of the Black Friday sales yesterday? I took my first chance out in the freezing cold and stood in line waiting for a laptop for my business. And I GOT ONE!!! I must admit I am more than excited. I've never had a laptop before and I think they are the prettiest things on the planet. Okay okay, I'm not really that materialistic, but a laptop is something we've been wanting to get for a long time and now that we have one, it's like celebrating Christmas in November. :)

I have been diligently scoping out the Sunday ads for months now, researching what laptops cost, how and when the sales operate, etc. When I saw this laptop was on sale and had a savings of about 40%, I jumped on it.

Considering this is Thanksgiving weekend, I feel the need to offer some thanks:

My parents were in town visiting this week and I'd like to publicly thank my mom for coming out into the cold and standing in line with me for an hour before Office Depot opened. I'd like to thank my dad for hanging out at our house in his nice, warm bed and "watching the kids". :) I'd like to thank my husband for working hard and allowing me this luxury of a laptop. And I'd like to thank my photography clients for giving me a great reason to buy one!

The deals at CVS are still going on today and it's been a few weeks since I've had time to grab up any of their deals, so I plan to do that this morning....IF, that is, I can get my coupons organized.

*Insert UGH here.*

So how about you? Did you get any great deals yesterday??

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi!! I did the grandma thing and kept Aiden so Stacey could go out in the early morning cold - such a sacrifice, right?? She's been after me to take advantage of the CVS savings, so I studied the ads, went with my little red card - spent $25 on products that we would use and that had extra bucks - used a $4 off coupon I had and came home with $16 in Extra Bucks for the next trip! I'm pretty proud of myself, aren't you and Stacey proud of me too???? Barb