Monday, November 10, 2008

Money Monday . . . Christmas with Cash

Maybe you would like to try to pay for your Christmas presents with cash this year. January and February are cold and dreary as it is so who needs credit card bills for unpaid Christmas presents haunting them well into the New Year. I just thought I would list some ideas on how to get started shopping for Christmas with cash if you are just now thinking about it.

First of all - K-mart is now the only store that offers lay-a-way. It is a great cash option for those who haven't put money away already this year.

Start making your list now of the people you have to buy for and set a budget for each person. Use the internet to compare prices before going to the store. Or buy online - Amazon, Ebates and many other websites usually have shipping specials.

Buy a few presents a week. You still have 5 1/2 weeks until Christmas - you have time.

Another idea is to try to make as many gifts as possible. Order gifts through Shutterfly or other photo websites and personalize coffee mugs or other things with pictures of the grandchildren - most grandparents will love it!

Also, don't forget to teach your children the TRUE meaning of the season. It is not about gifts as we well know.

As a child I remember baking and decorating Christmas cookies and making gingerbread houses far more than any gift that I ever got.

What about you - do you have ideas for having an all cash Christmas?

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