Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Apology

I feel I must apologize for my previous entry entitled "Why I'm Voting Democrat". While the entry did portray my exact feelings on many political issues, the tone and sarcasm was offensive to some. As a few of you (my readers) mentioned, and as I'm sure I've mentioned on several occasion, it's true that I am a Christian. I do desire to live fully for the Lord and I think I did you a disservice by posting that entry. I do not, in any way, want to distort your view of how a Christian should act and if I did, I'm very sorry. One (or two) of you suggested that if I want to post something political, I do so without all the sarcasm involved. So here is my revised version.

Why I'm Voting Republican

I'm voting Republican because I don't care what the crowd does.

I'm voting Republican because I know I can raise my children better than the government.

I'm voting Republican because Americans should have the right to choose whether their children are home-schooled, private-schooled, or public-schooled.

I'm voting Republican because Americans should have the right to choose whether or not their children are vaccinated.

I'm voting Republican because people who come to our country need to learn how to live in our country without government aid. If they want to live here so badly, they need to learn English and get a job. We have all done it and it's only fair that they should too.

I'm voting Republican because people who work hard SHOULD get to keep their money. And people who refuse to work don't deserve it.

I'm voting Republican because all this "change" can absolutely IN NO WAY coincide with tax cuts.

I'm voting Republican because the national government should stay out of our state rights. Many people don't realize the major difference between the two parties. Democrats are all for "big government", meaning the national government should control everything. Republicans understand that our country was founded with the purpose of states rights - the idea that states should decide their own rules and that, if you don't like the rules where you live, you can move to a different state.

I'm voting Republican because it's not the government's job to plan for MY retirement. I work, I save, and I spend that money - MY money - when I'm older.

I'm voting Republican because there's absolutely NO reason that we shouldn't be drilling for oil here in America.

I'm voting Republican because the sanctity of life is FAR more important that all the other issues. Roe v. Wade NEEDS to be overturned.

I'm voting Republican to preserve our Constitution. Our founders meant exactly what they said when they wrote the Constitution and we do not need to "interpret" what they must have meant.

I'm voting Republican because it's an individual's right to bear arms.

I'm voting Republican because saving PEOPLE is more important than saving NATURE.

I'm voting Republican because it is MY responsibility as a parent to teach my children about sex - not yours and DEFINITELY not the school's.

I'm voting Republican because government healthcare simply DOES NOT WORK. Besides that it shouldn't be the government's responsibility, it's a hefty tax hike to provide all that care to U.S. citizens, it will NOT lower premiums if insurance companies are required to accept you regardless of pre-existing conditions, and you will not see the doctors you want to see when you want to see them. Just take a look at the socialist countries of the world and you'll see what I mean.

I'm voting Republican because the sanctity of marriage MUST be upheld. God has clearly stated in His Word that marriage is to be between one man and one woman.

I'm voting Republican because the war in Iraq needs to be finished...the right way. Americans need to quit whining about it. There is no draft, which means that EVERYONE who is over there is over there BY THEIR OWN CHOICE. Iraq is gaining freedom and learning how to function independently. But just as you don't leave a child who is learning to crawl up the stairs alone by himself lest he fall, similarly we cannot simply pull our troops out and let the nation of Iraq fall.

I'm voting Republican because Barack Obama's agenda is scary.

I'm voting Republican because "spreading the wealth around" only means one thing: SOCIALISM.

I'm voting Republican because my conscience tells me to.


Elbie said...

I'm sorry you got so much flack about that blog....why don't we just say you can live vicariously through me with the sarcastic blogs? I have no issue with them!! I think a little sarcasm makes the world go round :)And no, I don't have a verse to support that :)

Jason said...

I agree with just about everything you wrote here. Just one problem, the Republican party, at least at the national level, doesn't hold the same position on most of what you wrote about. They are only slightly right of the Democrats. Just my two cents.

Heidi Stone said...


Yes, it's true that the Republicans of today are rather liberal as well. But at least they're not QUITE as liberal as the Democrats, and as long as that's the case, they'll likely get my vote!

Anonymous said...

I liked the sarcasm of the other post but if you're trying to make a point this post is much more powerful.