Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Movies!!

I happened to drive past Family Video Store this weekend and noticed a sign that said "Rent Free Videos Today - 30th Anniversary!"

OF COURSE I stopped. :) What I found inside was pretty fun! Now through November 17th (next Monday) you can rent two of the 2/$1 movies absolutely free. Two rentals per family per visit. Apparently this has been going on for almost a month but I just found out about it. If you have some extra time this week, stop by your local Family Video Store and grab some free movies. Sure, they're not the new releases, but they're still free!

(The information inside the store indicated that this was going on nationwide, but if you want to be on the safe side call your local Family Video Store to be sure!)

UPDATE: It turns out "Family Video Store" is not so family-oriented after all. I emailed this to someone who politely informed me that Family Video Store sells porn. I Googled this to see if ALL Family Videos sell porn or just select branches. What I found was that, unless it conflicts with state law (usually prohibiting it in select areas such as within 500 feet of a church or school), it is a rarity to find a store that does not sell it.

What?! I have never seen a "back room" at OUR store, but then again...I guess I've never looked either. I am so discouraged. I guess that's why their movies are so cheap. I do not plan to buy movies from them again. Does anyone know if the other major movie rental stores sell porn?

....and to think we've been buying from them for years....

"The problems associated with rampant pornography in today's society are well documented. Among other things, porn usage can ruin a marriage, distort a man's view of women into mere objects of lust, or porn can lead to inappropriate and destructive actions....Porn use is so common among sex crimes perpetrators that some state's law enforcement agencies are now considering tracking its connection in the lives of suspects and convicted felons." (Indiana Family Voice, November 2004)

If this information bothers you as much as it does me, I encourage you to check out your Family Video Store. If they are selling porn, write to your store's manager and inform him/her that you will be taking your business elsewhere for this very reason. Some people think boycotts are pointless and that they never get anything accomplished. This is NOT TRUE, as was learned by the community in Frankfort, IN, who successfully shut down the selling of porn at both Family Video and Movie Gallery (a well-known porn seller) a few years ago.

"We know that such successes will not shut off the supply of smut in these towns, but if one divorce is prevented, one rape is stopped, or one child is protected, all our efforts will have been worthwhile."
(Indiana Family Voice, November 2004)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Yes, I used to rent from them at Beech Grove and I talked to them because they had several "suggestive" movies (probably labeled soft porn) that were at kids eye level and I asked them why they would do that. They also had a back room that you could not tell was there unless you were really looking for it because it wasn't marked.

Elizabeth said...

There is no rule book on how to handle the death of a baby, and Cari knows that more than I'm sure it didn't phase her at all to answer your kids' questions. Her and I both have the same hair dresser and I want her to go with me so I don't have to tell him when he asks how the baby is doing!! How selfish is that???....but you are right about Caden. She is in bliss.

daisygirl said...

Family Video vs. every other movie rental has a "back room" that is just very concealed vs. very obvious at the other ones. I don't know of any that DON'T sell or rent porn.