Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday AND Foto Friday!

Yep, I'm rollin' in all into one this week! As those of you who know me personally have probably observed, my 14-month old daughter has yet to show ANY interest whatsoever in the great human task known as...

Learning to Walk.

But alas! This morning when she woke up, my dear sweet Reagan immediately took to the floor on her hands and FEET! (not knees!) I consider this a giant step in the grand scheme of things and am proud to share with you a few images of her learning process:

resize e DSC_0260

resize e DSC_0270

She's QUITE proud.

resize e DSC_0265

I would also like to announce that my little Reagan is now the proud owner of not three, but FOUR pearly whites! (But sorry, there is no picture to accompany that.)


Sarah said...

Good job, Reagan! She'll be walking any day now.

Miney said...

Oh, cute! :) You don't really need to walk with two adoring older siblings, do you? :)

And to give you a late response, I'm doing just fine -- busy and tired, but things are good. How are you??? What are you doing on Wednesday?