Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - More News of the Weird

When a 72-year-old Levis, Quebec, woman cleared her walk with a snowblower in December, sending some of the snow onto the adjacent property, the 43-year-old neighbor grabbed his blower and sent it back, and the two spent about 10 minutes blowing snow on each other before they stopped. (They "faced each other," "engines roaring," wrote the Canadian Press.) The neighbor then allegedly punched the woman (and her husband, who had come to help her) and was charged with assault. [Edmonton Sun-CP, 12-5-07]

Miss Fayetteville (N.C.) 2007 Jenna Walters is scheduled in court in April to answer for her November arrest in which police said she had veered recklessly through traffic in Southern Pines, N.C., in order to harass driver Angela Thomas. She pulled in front of Thomas, blocked her path, then got out, screaming and taunting the woman, but then quit and drove off, only to return moments later from the other direction, bump Thomas' car and resume screaming, then left but returned yet again, bumped Thomas' car from behind and yelled some more. In the 2006 Miss Fayetteville pageant, Walters was voted Miss Congeniality. [Fayetteville Observer, 2-2-08]

In February, a court in Cardiff, Wales, once again released Thelma Dennis, 50, to get therapy for her addiction of making bogus emergency ("999") telephone calls, even though she has been prosecuted about 60 times in 24 years on similar charges. In an earlier case, Dennis agreed to a therapy that sent painful shocks through her body every time she dialed 999, and she remained free of problems for four years but reoffended recently by making up a bomb threat against a store. [BBC News, 2-8-08]

Some parents, in exuberant yet inexplicable expressions of devotion to their babies' supposed happiness, stage lavish birthday parties at such young ages that the supposed beneficiaries could not possibly remember or appreciate them. For example, the party by Sheila Chapman and Ray Reed for their precious "Prince" Clayburn Reed in February in Tampa Palms, Fla., celebrating Prince's first birthday, featured 60 guests and a professional party-planner, pony rides, a magician, a pinata, centered around a rented room at the local country club. Said Chapman to a St. Petersburg Times reporter: "These are the memories I want him to have. I want him to know how important and special I think he is." [St. Petersburg Times, 2-24-08]

A Chicago man was accused on Monday of walking into a muffler shop brandishing a gun and demanding money. A worker told him that there was no money and that a manager, who was not at the shop, was the only one with information about how to get in to the safe. The gunman then gave workers his cell phone number and asked them to call him once the manager arrived so the safe could be unlocked. When the man returned, he was arrested. [Chicago Sun Times, 3-25-08]

A 22-year old man who robbed a KFC restaurant in Camas, Washington was chased down and confronted by a 66-year old grandmother of 12. She then put him in a choke hold and held him until police arrived. The woman's daugther is so proud of her that she plans to make her mother a red superhero cape. [KOMO TV, 3-21-08]

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