Monday, March 31, 2008

Money Monday - Menu For The Week (March 30th-April 5th)

First of all, I want to say thank you to those of you who participated in the "How Much Do You Spend On Groceries?" poll! It was interesting to watch the poll fluctuate, but in the end it came out to be a very even vote.

Now, onto meals for this week. I made several grocery stops this weekend. (You can read about them here, here, and here). As I mentioned in one of those posts, I did spend more than my normal $50 this weekend, but there were some EXCELLENT deals this week at both Meijer and Kroger, so I will just cut back on the rest of the month of April in order to make up for this weekend's spending. (This week I spent $79, instead of the normal $50).

Here are our meals for this week:

Sunday: We ate FREE pizza rolls from Meijer. :)

Monday - Today is my older daughter's birthday. Since we had to run errands anyway, I stopped at BK and we had our occasional $3 breakfast (2 orders of french toast sticks and an order of cini-mini's).
Tuesday - cold cereal, yogurt
Wednesday - oatmeal w/ raisens
Thursday - eggs toast, and bacon
Friday - cold cereal, peaches
Saturday - pancakes, sausage, yogurt

Monday - Since we were at the grocery store until 1pm and I was totally lazy today, I stopped at Arby's and grabbed the 5 items for $6.95. I know...way to spoil the budget, right?
Tuesday - fish sticks, peas, crackers
Wednesday - PB&J sandwiches, peaches
Thursday - hot dogs, cheese slices, pasta
Friday - ravioli
Saturday - sandwiches

Monday - Out to eat with the in-laws for Sienna's birthday!
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - chicken and rice bake
Thursday - spaghetti w/ meat sauce, garlic bread
Friday - meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies
Saturday - chicken, fried potatoes, carrots/corn, homemade biscuits

I made biscuits this weekend and cooked up some bacon circles, so I pre-packaged biscuits with meat and cheese (we also have some frozen sausage patties) for him to grab each morning for breakfast. We got a few bread bowls at church on Sunday, so he's taking soup in a bread bowl for 2 days' lunches this week. Other days, he can take deli meat sandwiches, pretzels, some of that FREE Chex mix, chicken salad sandwiches, or yogurt.

So there you have it. I am so excited about our meals this week - we have not had much meat lately! Yummo!

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