Thursday, March 13, 2008

Throwback Thursday - Homeschooling

I realize that I'm only "throwing back" a few weeks this time, but I want to talk about the California homeschool ruling that took place on February 28th. A child abuse case was brought before Judge H. Walter Croskey and, instead of ruling on that case alone, he decided to rule homeschooling for the entire state of California illegal unless the parent is a certified teacher. Thankfully, Governer Schwarzenegger and other elected officials are standing up for the rights of parents and are, at this time, saying there is nothing to worry about. There are several actions in place right now to overturn this ruling and it appears that homeschooling parents in the state of California may not have to wrestle this issue as hard as was first expected.


The idea of the government taking over the rights of parents in any way is outrageous! Regardless of whether or not you plan to homeschool your children, this should still be of grave concern to you. We are the parents. We know what is best for our children. The government does not!

Did you know that right now there is UN bill waiting to be passed in our country that would declare ALL homeschooling illegal? This treaty has been passed in every UN country in the world except the United States and Somalia. So far, we have had someone in office who is competent enough to keep it unsigned. But as soon as we get a President in office who has government-regulated education as part of their agenda, you can be sure this will be one of the first papers signed.

Homeschooling is a right and a joy that should never be taken away from parents. Read this blog on one mommy's wonderful homeschooling experience. If you would like to help overturn this CA ruling, you can sign the Petition to Request Depublishing of California Court Case In re Rachel L.

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