Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - Morphine, Sweet Morphine

I've talked about my grandpa quite a bit lately. News update for today: My grandpa moved to a nursing home yesterday with hopes that he will continue to recover and be going home within several weeks. We are all surprised and excited for this news.

Not to make light of the situation or anything, but there have been some awfully funny occurrences since my grandpa has been on morphine. I would not share these stories if it wasn't for my grandpa's excellent sense of humor. When he's back to his old self, I'm sure he will appreciate this:

#1. Oley (pronounced Oh-lee)
Oley is a mouse who lives on the ceiling. Yes, my grandpa actually named him. Oley comes out to play when the morphine kicks in. I think he must taunt my grandpa (perhaps with cheese?) because my grandpa stares at him regularly and talks about him a lot. Oley made his debut in the hospital but we only learned of him recently. Oley must have been in my grandpa's pocket when he was transferred from the hospital because he's at the nursing home now.

#2. The Project
My grandpa has always said that he didn't want to go to a nursing home. Shortly after he arrived, this conversation ensued with my aunt (his daughter):
Grandpa: "So, who's in charge of this project?"
Aunt: "What project?"
Grandpa: "The project where they try to see how much pain a man can take...and then you get to the dot....and then you're gone."

#3. The Spider
The spider lives on television and interrupts the baseball games. I can imagine that he probably does an Irish jig every so often, kicking his eight little legs in all directions. If any of you have seen The Ring, perhaps you can relate.


Amy said...

yeah, that morphine does some odd stuff...but it really helps the pain...hope you're all doing ok...tell Daniel to call us if he wants some company or to come over for dinner one night.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Wow, I feel bad laughing but those stories are hilarious!