Friday, August 29, 2008

Foto Friday!

While I was in Wisconsin last week, I got to take some engagement photos for some friends of mine who are getting married in December. They are the sweetest couple, completely devoted to the Lord and living their lives fully for Him! I am so excited for their wedding!

Since I loved ALL of the images from their shoot, it was SUPER hard to pick just one to post here, but you can see the rest over at their engagement post on my photography blog. :)

So, having said all of that, here is ONE of my favorites....


Also, if you're a regular reader I'm sure you've noticed by now the layout switch. Well, not exactly switch, just the width of the blog. I realized that I was wasting about half of the screen (which is the way Blogger automatically sets it up for some reason), so I learned how to fill the screen! Yay, me! Of course, those of you with widescreen monitors or laptops probably still have some space, but for those of us still living in the dark ages...we're full screen now! I also learned how to make my pictures bigger, which was really fun and exciting!

What do you all think of the wider layout?


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